Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[기사] CB news [2] -- new album 【DESTINATION】

this one is another one relating to CB news too,
these days you could expect many CB news-related^^
Someone requested for this to be translated as well,
so yes here it is. I thought it's also rather important
since it talks about their first CB stage through MusicBank (28th),
also the day of album release.

Will just do a rough summary in case you're comfused amongst the words..

22nd May: DreamConcert - Haruman+Let me be the one (first release)
28th May: Release of album "Destination" (title track: Love Ya)
Beginning of June: start of CB activities (variety programmes/FM radios/mags/music progs etc)
June 4: Music Bank
June 5: Music Core
June 6: Inkigayo (HJ BIRTHDAY!)

June 7: Contract expires (but continues CB activities)
Early June: discussion of HJ's athena (continues)
End June: ends CB activities
Re-contract: goes on from there

출처: 아시아코리아
영어로: ode

Group SS501 will be soon returning with their new album titled 'DESTINATION' back into the
music world.

After ending their asia tour in first half year, SS501 immediately went into solid preparations
for new album over 3 months, and have been very busy preparing for comeback stages.

International music composer and arranger producer Steven Lee from US who's had
created numerous golden discs is now once again collaborating with the other
music producers ever since his previous work in 'Rebirth', thus raising anticipation
for this US-Europe-Korea universal album.

In this album, all the songs will be arranged with piano background fully, which would
thus minimize the floodings of diverse types of music funk styles in the current music scene,
the songs will be harmonized along with an impressive harmonious orchestra

band and piano melody which would display their powerful vocals once more,
which even earned the accolades of US music producers, calling it to be a large-scaled
performance to come.

In addition, although SS501's contract with current agency DSP entertainment
will be expired on June 7 next month fully, they will still continue with their album promo
activities all the way until end of June. "As to their re-signing on of contract,
we will decide for that after their album promo activities end around end-June.
Their promo activities for album is absolutely not of any problem."
SS501 who will carry out activities even after contract expires is also because of fans.
SS501 who previously focused on their overseas activities had once made a promise
with fans last year end, "We will carry out comeback activities of new album for sake of
our domestic fans".
After wrapping up all work for recording, they will be shooting for their music video
on the 19th at Kyunggi-do, while then releasing the album on 28th. They will begin
with their first comeback stage on June 4th through KBS2TV's "Music Bank" and will
appear throughout music programmes across 3 full weeks.

On the other hand, KimHyunJoong was involved in a (slight) car accident on the 12th (wed)
near his home at Seoul Jamshil area. He will be undergoing 2 weeks of observation, however
not affecting any activities at all.