Saturday, May 22, 2010

[사진] Dream concert night -- 220510 -- Media Collation

I have been waiting for photos since 2 hours ago but
More haste less work...

Collating the photos here.


Kyujong changed hairstyle;
& HyunJoong seemed to have trimmed his hair (back) a little...^^

cr: as tagged

my favourite. what is DHJ looking at? U Guessed It

The contents are all about the same, just giving summary of tonight's
Dream Concert, so shall not translate.
Will do so for the side titles. The side titles are the gist most of the time.

SS501 "Everyone, it's been a while~"

SS501 on Dream Concert "Sweet ballad melted the hearts of females"

SS501, "We're sorry we greeted you in this long while with a ballad"
(Heard their eyes were a little wet here)

SS501's serenaded ballad decorates the stage of Dream Concert

SS501 on the fiery and passionate stage

**This is what was reported, and none others' fan balloons were**