Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[기사] end-May to comeback + HJ in accident (slight)

Guess you should already have known about this more or less
since these news were released in the morning,
but still, I will never stop to translate this or even post it up
no matter after how long it is
if I do, I am not ode ^_^
combined news from each portal.

Hyunjoong you're alright........ *so relieved*
Dont worry for now......

LOVE YA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

출처: moneytoday+starmt+newsen(/nate combine)
영어로: ode

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong was involved in a car accident.

Agency company DSP media has expressed on their side, "While KimHyunJoong
was moving in his car with his acquaintances, a car conflict happened which caused an accident,
he was bruised on his ribs area, and is now wearing graze for the hands and will also
undergo 2 weeks of observation", but still, he will be performing on May 22
for 'Dream Concert' and will sing their ballad track from new album as per scheduled.

Though there are not much interferences in the promotion activities for new album,
rehearsals for choreography will be a little ridiculous to ask for, therefore he will be performing
to new ballad song 'Let Me Be The One' as well as an existing song 'Haruman' during Dream Concert.

Agency also expressed on the 18th, "Previously on Wednesday (12th), Kim HyunJoong got
involved in a car accident where his car and another car got into an automobile conflict while
he was moving from one place to another with his close acquaintances, but on the 22nd,
he will still be performing, just not performing to any dance tracks but instead a ballad".

KimHyunJoong's is now currently preparing well for album recording and also revealed
the release of new album at end May, and then around early June they'll begin embarking
on their promotional activities.


Quintet popular group SS501 will be having their full comeback this end May, joining in
forces with BigBang into the music world of May.

DSP media has revealed on the 18th in an interview with Money Today Star News,
"SS501 will be releasing their new album on May 27, thus meeting with fans",
"The new album will be a mini album".

To this, they also added, "Including HyunJoong, HyungJun, YoungSaeng, KyuJong,
JungMin are all in midst of recording hardworkingly".

Though there have been many rumours circulating around SS501's soon-to-be-expired
contract with DSP media in June, the future moves of SS501 inclusive of Kim HyunJoong has been
under heavy scrutiny and did not stop for a moment,
however SS501 members are just concentrated on recording for new album for now and
did not divert much attention to it.

Also, on the 22nd's "2010 Dream Concert" at Seoul Sangam World Cup Stadium,
SS501 will be performing to their new album's hit track "Love Ya" which will be first released then.
But because of KimHyunJoong's (slight) injuries, he's unable to rehearse the cheoreography
and thus their performance item will be replaced by ballad song "Let me be the one" instead.