Sunday, May 02, 2010

[잡지] FANS May 2010

FANS May 2010

credit: tw forum

always as usual the same? ^^
I realize they have this tendency to report old news when it's supposed to be an
advanced issue...

*sorry the scans I post like this aren't exactly in chronological order...*

mentioning a short part about JM's surprise trip to TW to watch HarlemYu's conc

"Editor V: Very easy to chance upon celebrities at IKEA?
Recently Taiwan's tourism should be developing rather well!
Heh heh, how to put it?
In April, Korea girlgroup Wonder Girls came to Taiwan to do promotions,
this Kwave even managed to continue blowing on a personal scale!
SS501 who came to Taiwan for twice and where caused a big hooha,
member JungMin has had left a deep impression on Taiwan,
so during his free time he came to Taiwan to travel,
and even watched Harlem Yu's concert!
The moment this news was released,
JungMin's fans chased him all the way throughout,
and according to reliable source,
he even went to IKEA furniture shop and had
an enjoyable trip there, bought many items!
To be honest, every time when editor V goes to shop IKEA,
I'll meet celebrities too,
like the most recent time when I went to IKEA, I even met Fahrenheit's
Aaron Yan, he even came to say hello to me.
And previously the number of celebrities I've had met there is also countless.
After writing this out like that,
I wonder if IKEA will be crowded with fans every day in future?"

(*ode: you sure bet! never expected IKEA to be so famous)