Sunday, May 23, 2010

[기사] HyungJun says I L U ~~~~~


Other than that I don't know what to say much. ^oo^

출처: 한국조선

SS501's KimHyungJun expressed his gratitude towards fans.

SS501 performed on the stage of 'I Love Korea 2010 Dream Concert' on 22nd
at Seoul Sangam WorldCup Gymnasium Stadium.
They sang to ballad tracks due to KimHyunJoong's injuries inflicted because of car

After which member KimHyungJun left a post titled 'Seriously' on their official homepage
dated on 23rd, expressing his affection towards fans. He wrote,
"All of you guys are the best. When I first learnt we were going to sing both ballads,
my heart felt painful and so I left this piece. From the moment I saw our green peas,
I already wanted to do this. Really thank you. Don't have any other words besides
saying thanks, I feel sorry".
"To our TripleS who came from afar, to our green peas who made it possible to come
together, I will repay you all with an even more amazing me. There isn't much time left
to our comeback. Today's anxiety, happiness, touched emotions will always etch
itself deep inside my heart as I live my days", he added on.

KimHyungJun then said, "The owners of pearl-light green, our green peas, our TripleS
who were together to give support. For the sake of you all, today and tomorrow,
I will be running for you. See you on June 4th" and closed his entry.

Fans left enthusiastic responses like "Will be anticipating the comeback",
"Indeed the best", "Handsome/Cool" after wards.

SS501 will be returning with their album this end-month.