Friday, May 21, 2010

[영상] 【THE MISSION】68minutes rare footage

I'm sure all of you must have seen THE MISSION before,
it was a variety programme of them in 2007 in japan learning japanese
and at the same time promote for japanese single.
each member was on each of their missions.
and I bet you must have enjoyed it because it was very funny kekekeke

So here is some goodies.. The Full Unreleased 68minutes BTS
When we say unreleased, there's always alot of goodies in it, agree?
It isn't high quality but you could make do with it..
Not too sure how many have seen this 68minutes unreleased before,
i seemed to have seen it somewhere before, yet not..
So just watch it again^^ Yah?

With this coming attached link is the playlist on youku
with all full 13 episodes + Unreleased + BTS + misc (tv coverage)
Quite a handy 'tool', neat & clean... :

thanks to our dear sister at baidu ( flywithss501
for sharing and uploading the full playlist~ inclusive of uploading the
68minutes-footage onto their server host which's ~900MB...