Saturday, May 15, 2010

[오디오] oldies OhGeuls

Ok, I decided to do a collation of DJJoon's ohgeulsongs on MuHi

remember I said I wanted to do something with his ohgeulsongs? kekeke

luckily a kind sister already did the collation nicely
so I'll just embed them here? this page is for the older ones
if I add in all new ones, always have to refer back here, a lil' cumbersome
so I'd actually just rely on the labels instead
here is for old ohgeuls
but it isn't full list.

출처: 하늘높이 님

취중진담 (Drunked Truth) (by Jeon Ramhee)

Abracadabra (by BEG)


Superman (by NoRaJo)

URMan (by SS501 haha)

Honey (by KARA)