Wednesday, May 12, 2010

[정보] quiz 6th sense @ 16.05

hyungjungun went to shoot for quiz 6th sense as previously seen here, ne?
it will be aired on TV soon

just do a rough translation

ur 6th member 미니민~~님, 출처

Quiz 6th sense (#147)

Broadcast date: 16.05.2010 (Sunday), 10:45 AM @ SBS

The theme of today, Bad Boy!
Who will be the victory of today~??

Casting & appearance:::

[Escapance @ 2am, cultwo show] -- 'CulTwo' Jung ChanWoo, Kim TaeGyun

[TenTen Club] -- 'Sweet Sorrow' In Ho Jin & Sung JinHwan

[Music High] Sweet attendee to the wee hours~ 'SS501' Kim Hyung Joon

[Love Game] Park So Hyun

[Loving Radio] An Sun Young

[Old School] Kim Chang Ryul

Witty ex-idol, Moon HeeJoon

Extraordinary quiz-its, Yoo Se Yoon

Jewelery Kim Eun Jung

Bad Man, Yoon Jung Soo

Ridiculous-sounding Kang Eun Bi

Charismatic Chu So Young

Sung-Eun, who's returned with ballads