Sunday, May 16, 2010

[영상] Quiz 6th Sense @ 160510 Extracts (형준)

finally...! today was the broadcast of quiz 6th sense (SBS deejay battle)
for...? BAD BOY title ^o^
Did you catch it live?

These are extracts only, not full version.

출처: 501스런하루님 ( + 미니민~~님 @ur 6th member
후출: 프리티보이

dont know if the videos will show up...
...really doesn't... hmm why?
last time didnt have problems... (Pt 1) (Pt 2)

네 너무 멋있지 않나요? ^^; ~~

Full version is available at SS601 multimedia room.
Due to no reposting, if you are a member there, and you can't wait to watch,
kindly go to the 1st post in multimedia room to view.