Sunday, May 09, 2010

[투표] Top 30 asia handsomest (Top 10 Korea's handsomest contributes)

Just some know what handsome means
it's a Praise
How honoured will you feel if you get into Top 10 positions
in ASIA!
not once, not twice, is every time (when its carried out)

Imagine it's you -- Asia's Top 10 beauties...!!


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dug by: urs truly kekekeke

(first round of) 20 nominees: Kim Heechul, Micky Yoochun, Rain, Max Changmin, Jang GeunSuk,
Xiah Junsu, Kim Junghoon, Lee Donghae, Kwon Sangwoo, Lee Minwoo, Lee HyukJae,
Jang Woohyuk, Lee Minho, Lee Dongwook, Park Haejin, Heo Youngsaeng,
Lee Junki, Kim Hyunjoong, Uknow Yoonho, Kim HyungJoon

as at 6:23PM (GMT+8)

Voting URL:
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Who's Korea's handsomest-Top 10 Handsome Lads of Korea

This voting is conducted by China's leading youthful entertainment website
Sina Blog, as well as Baidu Bar.

This voting is divided across 3 tournaments: Hunt->Review->Finals

Hunt ---- 2010 May 7~May 31
Prelims (Review) ---- 2010 June 1~June 23
Finals ---- 2010 June 24~July 15

Process is as follow:

Hunt (2010 May 7~May 31)
Will be hunting for 90 handsomest as nominees,
VDFLY website ::: 40 (20 per group, total 2 groups, top 4 of each group enters the preliminaries)
Sina Blog ::: 30 (10 per group, total 3 groups, top 3 of each group enters the preliminaries)
Baidu Tieba ::: 30 (10 per group, total 3 groups, top 3 of each group enters the preliminaries)

Prelims (2010 June 1~June 23)
The 30 nominees will be further randomly divided into 4 groups, the top 2 of each group
will enter the nominees of China's Top 10 Handsomest, whilst the remaining 2 positions
shall be collating the revelant statistics in order to enter the finals.

Finals (2010 June 24~July 15)
Korea's Handsomest VS China's Handsomest (Top 10), who will be Number 1,
who will be Number 2, will surface in the 'Asia Top 10 Handsomest' then!!

Every judge involved is an important judge, in every round, they have the right to
make use of each's own power, every judge has their own right
whether or not to agree or to disagree!

This "Asia Top 10 Handsomest Male" survey will involve stars from Mainland (Taiwan/HK/China/
chinese speaking countries)
and Korea. It will be revealed on July 20 across every spectrum.

The 30 of them (from mainland/korea) will be vying for a place
in the "Asia Top 10 handsomest"!

(1) China's Top 10 Handsomest (nominees): Han Kyung (of Suju) / Lin Feng (HK) /
Aaron Yan (TW) / Fu Xin bo (Mainland) / Ming Dao (TW) / Show Luo (TW) / Zhang Han (Mainland)
/ Hu Ge (Mainland) / Jerry Yan (TW)

(2) Korea's Top 10 Handsomest (nominees): Carried out by VDFLY, Sina, Baidu Bar -- hurry go vote
and support your favourite handsomers! (ode adds on: don't drool please)

(3) Combo Reviewing: 2010 June 15~July 15, Top 10 Handsomest from each country (Japan,Thailand,
other asian countries etc, excluding China & Korea) will be chosen in order to fill in the
Top 30 positions!

The 2nd round of Hunting (in vote form) can be found here too:

Nominees for 2nd round of Hunting? (in the order as the boxes are placed on the page
above in yellow)
(you know which box to check)
1. Hero JaeJoong
2. __Park JungMin__
3. Kim Young Moon
4. Henry
5. Daniel Choi
6. Lee Seung Gi
7. Kim Jong Hyun (SHINee)
8. Kim Dong Wan
9. Junjin

as at 6:12 PM (GMT +8), JungMin gun (2nd row's bar)
stands at 3rd position @ 16.63%, 663 votes