Tuesday, May 04, 2010

[기사] What will happen after contract ends?

that time there were alot of articles in news portals
about their secret meeting
but I didn't translate
now I decided to translate because of certain reasons
so thats why you see it here

Really awaiting for new album! Very much!

출처::: SportsDongah
영어::: ode

'Hanryu star' Bae YongJoon and KimHyunJoong have recently met up at late night time
secretly, which also aroused the concern over involved group SS501's future plans.

The two of them met up on the 28th April at a certain not so frequented place in Kangnam
and spent a long time talking to each other. Both of their agencies have expressed that
"Since a long time ago, they have already been meeting up about twice or thrice.
That day's meeting was just but another meeting by acquaintance", thus explaining why.

However, despite this official statement from the agencies, in the entertainment world,
'This shows the attitude KimHyunJoong has to this (soon to expire contract)
and the related changes to them isn't it', reflecting the various comments left. HyunJoong's
close friend revealed, "Usually HyunJoong's role model has been Bae YongJun, when
he has some important matters or decisions to make, he would consult him
for help".

As of now, the end-contract date to SS501's contract with agency DSP Entertainment
which was supposed to last for 5 years isn't

even left with a month. It would soon expire on June 8. There were even some rumours
saying that KimHyunJoong will begin his solo activities by his own, which thus aroused
the interest and concern over SS501's future plans and movements in the entertainment

Also, very unfortunately, right after KimHyunJoong and BaeYongJoon's secret meeting news,
SS501's new album was then reported to be released at a later date too.
SS501 initially decided for a '501 day' named after their team's name on May 1st.

Regarding to this, DSP Entertainment personnel said on the 3rd to Sports Dongah
on the telephone, "Currently, almost 90% of preparations are finished for the new album.
But because we need a little more time to complete everything, so we had to push
back the release date, but the album will come out in May. In replace of that,
for the sake of upset/disappointed fans, we revealed a portion of new album's
pictorial shoots", thus dismissing the rumours revolving around their future moves
in the entertainment world.