Saturday, May 01, 2010

[영상] 세대공감토요일 @ 01-05 -- Snow Prince HJ

솜ㅅthat time, there was this particular voting on the KBS website
and the title was '(Whitest) Prince-st Charming'
HyunJoonggun of course was in the voting, ne?
He was competing against strong rivals like Minho-ssi, Go Soo-ssi, Geunsuk-ssi, etcetc
those are all I remember... T.T
as you could expect, though he has really strong rivals,
but noone could beat him out or swipe off that NUMBER 1 position for him

Marked my words again? I'm sorry, marked UR words. ^_^

as you can see, he was up against finalist Rainssi..
and when the two pictures put side by side,
he came out as the WINNER
wowww that moment = unbeatable
넘 뿌듯인데여~~~~~

the poll result was announced on May 1 (Sat)'s SeDaeGongGam

cr: ss501world@yt