Saturday, May 01, 2010

[기타] August 15 music event 결정됐다

먀혀ㅕ....aigu.... feeds show it again...
another performance scheduled in August!!
August the great month much? Performance-wise, so far.
I'm sorry, every month is a 501 month. ^_^

source: enews korea
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wangjas extract only
Also, during the Korea-China's special commemoration music event for renowned
compositionist Jung Yul-sung ssi who's active in China titled 'Jung Yul sung's International Music Festival',
which is to be held on August 15 in China, SS501 and various Hanryu stars etc
will also be holding congratulatory performances during the event.

There will be captivating performances lined up across a period of 184 days
at the Shanghai Convention Center's Korea Stadium.

Apart from the traditional Korean performances, what's most interesting would be
the Hanryu Music Festival beginning May 30,
it's been scheduled to invited Jang Nara, SJ, BoA, f(x), BEAST etc korean stars as well as
China artistes to carry out a special concert in the Cultural Center where it could hold a total
of 18,000 audiences.

(In addition, the Korea-China commemoration event to be held on August 15 is intending
to invite renowned China musicians as well as SS501 and some other korean stars
to participate.)