Sunday, May 02, 2010

[직찍] Royalavenue opening ceremony

Yesterday (May1) our very special day
was the day of RoyalAvenue's opening ceremony.
It was a good day, not just for them, for us, but also for RoyaLAvenue^^
btw RoyalAve has a complete renewal inside out, and revamped its site layout
have you went to play at it? They included many new items like
street items (items you generally wear to go outside), shoes, bags, accessories etc
not those normal kinds you see, is those currently trending in korea/worldwide^^

anyway yesterday's Opening ceremony we have who as guest?
Rainbow and theBabybaby!! ㄱㄱㄱㄱ

courtesy from jikjjiks of...
source: prettyboy+jaegyung-ssi's twitter

this is from Jaegyung-ssi (of Rainbow)'s twitter, writing,
"The multitalented Park Daepyo, HyungJun sunbaenim who gave a treat for dinner/lunch (?),
and Lee Sa-kang PD who's much prettier in real life, and of course, us."

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