Saturday, May 08, 2010

[오디오] 0805 어버이날 -- 왕자돌이들 인사했던 사랑표현

as you know, today is 08.05 -- it is the BuMoNim day (Parents day)
and tomorrow is Mother's Day (in most other countries)^^;
what are you planning to do? well, I shall not busybody.
but because today is a special day especially because it is the BuMoNim day
aka EoBeoYeeNal,
wangjadol's greetings are also specially granted..~!

EoBeoYeeNal = day for Mother+Father
Combination of Fathers' Day + Mothers' Day

thanks to the maker of this vid along with audio. shared at ur 6th member.
만든자한테 감사말씀을~~~^-^v


안녕하세요~ SS501입니다!!
Annyonghaseyo~ we're SS501!!

네~ 드디어 5월 8일 어버이날이 찾아왔습니다~
그럼, 감사의 메세지를 한 분, 한 분 전해 드릴까요?
Yeah~ Finally May 8th is here~
Then, shall we present our greetings one by one?

예~ 안녕하세요~^^ 규종입니다~
네~ 어머니, 아버지 저 규종인데요~
올해도 말 잘 듣고 더욱 더 건강하고
열심히 노력하는 그런 아들 될테니까요..
우리 어머니, 아버지두요 건강하시구
올해 좋은 일만 가득했으면 좋겠어요~ 고맙습니다~
Yeah~ annyonghaseyo~^^ (he made that heehee sound, owww)
I'm KyuJong~
Ne~ Mum, Dad, I'm KyuJong~
I listened well to your words and will become a more hardworking child
and healthier child..
Mother and Father be healthy too
If only pleasant matters will fill you in this year then that'd be wonderful~
Thank youuu~

네~ 형준입니다~
엄마, 아빠 정말 감사하구요..
항상 노력해서 최고가 되는 모습 보여 드릴때까지
항상 건강하시구 사랑합니다..
열심히 하겠습니다.. 사랑해요~
Ne~ I'm HyungJun~
Mum, Dad really thank you two..
Because I've been always working hard to show my best side
Until that day when I become the best
Please always be healthy
and I love you..
Will work hard.. Love you~

네~~ 저 현중인데..
엄마, 아빠의 그런.. 하나 하나 늘어가는 주름살만큼..
더 효도를 하도록 노력하겠습니다~
그리구 SS501의 부모님들..
정말 소중한 멤버들 만나게 해주셔서
정말 감사드립니다~
Ne~~ this is HyunJoong..
those..aging wrinkles that's appearing one by one on mum on dad..
As you grow older.. I will work hard to filial you two~
And also to SS501's parents..
For the reason why I met such precious members
Really thank you to you all~

엄마, 아빠~ 나 정미니~~
어... 엄마, 아빠 사랑하는만큼
마니 벌어다 줄께~~(>_<)
mum dad~ am Jungmin nya~~
em... I will love you two more with my all~~(>_<)
I love you~~~♥

어.. 엄마..
어.. 이제 좀 아프지 좀 말고~
또 우리 싸우지 말고..
친하게 지내자~~ㅎㅎ
emm.. Don't feel heartache anymore~
let's not fight again anymore..(background: laughs)
Let's live with closerness~~ hh

그럼, 엄마, 아빠 사랑해요~ 라고 한 번 하고 마무리 인사할까요?
하나, 둘, 셋~
(leader:) Then shall we say our final greetings "Mum, Dad ILU~"?

엄마, 아빠 사랑해요~~♡
Dad, Mum, I LOVE YOU~~♡