Saturday, May 01, 2010

[기사] 501Day

of course there will be news reports on wul 501Day. D-Day
and you can also see through realtime searches

these is one news, spread across various news portals, but
as you should know, the content = about the same
only difference in title (for each member)
so I did the title translation for each member
plus the main content~~~~

sometimes, just being happy could be really simple...

출처: newsen+nate
eng: ode

SS501 revealed their pictorial shoots at midnight for new album which is to be released in May.

On the stage of their encore 'Persona' concert in February, they had revealed that 501 day would
be on the 1st of May. Though Kim Hyunjoong promised to release their album on the day,
only some parts of the pictorial shoots were released.

Before the pictorial photos were opened, SS501 member Kim KyuJong left greetings
and a message 'Not much time left~' on their homepage, he also thanked fans, and divulged his

anxiousness and anticipation.

After pictorial photos revealed on their homepage, various enthusiastic responses like the server went down was seen.

SS501 new album will be released in May.


SS501 KimHyunJoong, kept to promise of 501Day 'Fantasy-like Charm throughout'

SS501 KimKyuJong, the hands of a woman on the chest? Homme fatale Unconventional Transformation

SS501 HeoYoungSaeng, why the handcuffs? Hannibal concept 'Attention Focused'

SS501 KimHyungJun, attention focused straight on the red rose, 'Bad boy'?

SS501 ParkJungMin, infinite sexy charisma diffuses 'Could feel it no matter what'