Saturday, May 01, 2010

Modelling tools and clothes sponsored by Dominic Wap

wah... so you seen the pictorial shoots of theirs, ne?
you saw that 'submarine like' thing and those dressing, ne?
although not very clear, not full body, but you more or less
could see the cutting, ne?

source: 501baidu bar + (1st dug idea) no43 park + (proof fr) onstyle mag + dominics wap korea

those were actually sponsored by Dominics Wap as seen
last month JM was invited by designer of Dominics Wap Song Hye-Myung nim
to her fashion show

A screenshot of the outfits/style description on SFW (?) website
by: wingwingssi @ (thanks~)

as you can see & read & infer,
her fashion style of outfits is like Punk style, street fighter style,
fighter feel
wow..shouldnt they have used this for Fighter back then? ^oo^

"ahh....."did you went that way?