Wednesday, May 05, 2010

[메시지] 대표님 왔었어요~

CEO recently so free har.
thanks to sharer who decided to tour around and play around^^;;

credit: 로베님@ss601+royalave
eng: ode

ROYAL AVENUE Ceo sends his greetings.

This is the CEO speaking.

'Royal Avenue' has finally reopened with a brand new feel~~


How is the newly changed 'Royal Avenue'?^^

Did you really like it honestly?^^

If you want to leave better opinions~~ then kindly leave them on the QnA noticeboard!!^^

Hopes to create the 'Royal Avenue' along with all of you~

By the way.

'Lapin Carrot' 's Lapin means Rabbit in French ne~! (hunterminssi..really?) Carrot is carrot... hh

You get the meaning roughly ne?^^ You'll be seeing many more new products in future too

So don't miss it~!