Wednesday, May 05, 2010

[보라] ShimShimTaPa -- JM appearance @ 0505

actually I didn't really have the time to do out the screencaps and explain bit by bit
in fact wasn't gonna do it
on the installatioon process, but for the sake of someone and since it was
requested, I decided to do it for abit^^
No need to thank me okay^_^

tonight at 12:05am (GMT +9), according to the 'info' that was posted, JMgun will be on
radio broadcast, the radio broadcast hosted by Super Junior's Shindong-ssi
and KARA's Gyuri-ssi.
This programme was previously hosted by Park Gyungrim-nim,
but later on changed host again. Now it's Gyuri-ssi's 1st hosting juggle,
along with experienced Shindong-ssi.

thanks to 박정민하루만 님 sharer for this info

You could also see their visible radio podcast by installing the software here
It'll first teach you how to download the software.

The most important thing is that you need to have a Windows 2000 and above
in order for it to work.

capture+describe by yours truly

shouuld you wish to navigate around the website, you could follow according
to that in orange by the left sidebar.
To download, it's in 2nd picture.
When the installation window pops up, just need to click on '실행' to begin installing,
'취소' to decline.
Then just wait for it to finish downloading.
Before that, it should prompt you to save your file directory to ___, then just choose
and basically, that's about it

From this, you could see the guest appearance list for May 5th.

GUESTS: KARA's Nicole+Jiyoung, MBLAQ, JungMin (SS501)