Thursday, May 20, 2010

[기사] DESTINATION reaches the news portals + advanced preorder + huge clear jacket photos (다섯)

By now you definitely have seen the jacket covers already
Really SM...Sm...Sm....^^
What is this world coming to...!
I dislike it~~~

You believed? Aigu! Slap yourself!

thanks xiaochussi for translation.^^

SS501, New album jacket photo released..Filled with masculine beauty

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5-member male group SS501’s new album ‘DESTINATION’
flaunts with a different type of appeal.

On 20-May, SS501’s company DSP Media released the
members’ image from SS501’s new album ‘DESTINATION’
which will be available online for reservations from 24-May onwards.

This album contains photos of natural concept and there is a
special edition album that contains photos of their
matured image wearing Europe style suits.
With a concept called good and evil sado masochism (SM),
the normal edition will consist of black white image
of their intense yet sexy appearance.

‘DESTINATION’ is an album co-produced by USA,
Europe and Korea,
with world renowned producer Steven Lee leading SS501.

SS501’s new album will be released by end of May,
prior to that they will perform on Dream Concert on 22-May.
They are also planning for a autograph session on 28-May.


because many articles are floating around with the same news,
but always with different titles (to attraction attention),
will just collate them together in 1 piece, easier reference and collation

출처::: nate news (collation, nate is wellknown for that)

SS501 HyunJoong, the eyeballs which noonas cried over with
대박~까지도 완죤~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~멋진SM남

SS501 YoungSaeng, Black Charisma Explosion

--거미도 대박있니?

SS501 KyuJong, Eye Charisma Outburst
--burst burst burst burst *poke*

SS501 JungMin, 'Oppa Is Back'

--네 오빠 빨~~릿~~~~

SS501 HyungJun, egotistic noseline
--wonder how noseshape/noseline links to the concept...?


you know where to buy from^^
Try buying from korea-based shops instead of international
discography shops,
they do contribute to sales charts, you know it~

==27th, our promise Stands Still==

Group SS501 will be having their comeback with brand new album 'DESTINATION'
and will begin its advanced preordering on May 24 through various online
album shops.

This album is created by Golden Disc producer Steven Lee as a "World Project"
who has also similarly participated in the previous 'Rebirth' album production.

In this album, the natural look of BEFORE concept of the members as well as
their musculine trend wearing those European-style suits of AFTER concept
will be spread out across the 【Special Edition】album with the theme of
Good and Evil of Sado Masochism (SM), while their clean and genuine
yet sexy look with theme of Black and White will be spread out in the 【Normal edition】
album, henceforth you will be seeing the other diversified charm of theirs.

On the upcoming 24th, the advanced preordering for new album's 【Special Edition】
could be made through YES24, Kyobo Bookstores, Interpark, Aladdin etc
and (most) other online music album shops, whilst a lottery would also be
carried out amongst the customers who purchase from YES24 to attend a
possible fansigning event on the 28th.

Just to provide a few possible places for you to check:

Kyobo Bookstore:

Just these 4 first, it's more than enough,
and generally, preordering don't go on all the sites,
Interpark, Yes24 accepts only members (korean),
Kyobo Bookstore & Aladdin accepts Foreigners.