Thursday, May 20, 2010

[기사] Loyal Boys are Good and pleasant

thought of translating this because I love this quality
they have in them, all the time all the moment
So I won't miss this out ~~~냐냐냐냐냐냩


빠르게 쾌유하세용 제발료..쫌..~~~~~~

(출처)한국도앙+(영어) 오딩~

Group SS501 whose full contract will end in June
have been involved in various rumours
like disbanding, transferring to another company etc,
but until their agency's CEO recovers from
his condition, they will not be discussing anything of it.

SS501's agency company DSP Media's representative CEO Lee Ho Yeon
underwent surgery in April
due to hemorrhage and is currently in midst of recovery.
With his situation now,
the company is currently in a state of emptiness (literally),
and what's with SS501 full contract
expiring on June 7 and member KimHyunJoong
already getting exploited by many
huge agency companies one by one,
thus igniting all kinds of guesses in the entertainment world.

To this, the involved party SS501 chose to show loyalty and courtesy
till the end
with regards to their CEO still lying in his bed and recovering.
After their CEO
improves with his condition, only then will they then discuss further
about this directly with both parties.

This was revealed by a close personnel who recently held a long talk
with SS501 members.
This personnel said on the 19th, "Obviously we haven't had decided for
anything yet up until now",
"If we were to talk about this now, the members felt it wasn't
reasonable to do it at such a time when their
CEO of the company who raised them up is in such a
state, and they are truly concerned about that".

He added, "Rumours revolving around each member's
moves including the group itself has been becoming a huge burden",
revealing how the members feel too.

If according to what this personnel has said,
SS501 will be focusing on their
promotional activities for new album that's to be released on 28th,
and will be patiently waiting for CEO's recovery from his bed back up again.

SS501 will be having their full-scale comeback beginning
June 4th with new album.
Also they will be performing on the 22nd (Saturday) at
Seoul Sangam-dong Worldcup Stadium for 2010 Dream Concert.