Thursday, February 18, 2010

Candy Candy?

first posted on : 18 Jan, 10
last edited on : 18 Feb, 10


-just for speculating purposes-

Before all news set to fall in about the official new work of Hyun Joong's (this was mentioned since last year 2009), I'll post up this post about the following which Hyun Joong was speculated to star in, although it's just but a rumor (since early-Jan in fact) and nothing confirmed as yet. But there have been wishes on the company website to remake it, though.

*previously it was reported that Hyun Joong might be costarring opposite Moon Geun Young (it was rumoured that she was the first-choice cast, but she already had another schedule on hand or so I recall), so they chose a new female after that, Go A-ra. On her profile in the link I attached, you could see that she seems to be the tentative female lead for this 'supposed' drama.

Could she be the female protagonist for 'Candy Candy'?
No, that's not the question.
Could Hyun Joong be the male protagonist for this drama,
that rumour had it?
Or, could this drama become a 'real drama'?

Candy Candy - storyline + rough idea
*rumour has it that it was renamed into 'fruit basket'... for 'filming'*


*edit, 18 Feb*
During BKK interviews & BKK concert, Hyun Joong kept mentioning there would be a new work, and it is already in production.
It got many of the fans excited, and I for one, am very ultra mega giga nano micro elated ^D^;;;; But as to whether or not it is this production (since it was only a RUMOUR), I don't know, I'm just GUESSING (I said this for the....umm, 3rd time^^)
Count for yourself how many times I said the word 'rumor' ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Whatever it may be, will be. ^o^


mini said...

Finally my first comment. Bcoz hun u dont open comment section =.=
Candy candy. This candy2 drama rumour up after kimi wa petto rejected. Dunno the 'drama' what he mentioned in thai this drama or not.
But if it is this drama, so i have read the lead female is go ara. I did search in go ara news though, and yes seems she is the lead female tentatively.
Hyunjoong+go ara? Finally his partner not noona kkkk..

OdeDS said...

yeah after kimi wa was rejected this rumour came up, it actually floated around quite some time ago, like in early jan, but only today i went to dig it out and reedit it ORZ......
I don't know if it is this drama he was mentioning too or not.
go ara? oh yeah! (it seems like it is GAR) there was previous saying it was MGY at first cast though.
thankyuuuu once again~~~~ I'll re-edit it.^^

and you are the i-dont-know-number-what-person to 'complain' I don't open comments box =o= kkkkk!

mini said...

Its a sign u have to open comment box la.. Kkk many visitor want to comment ^^

hun is it confirmed this fruit candy/fruit basket is adapted from candy candy? I mean there is another manga tittle fruit basket too.
But i kinda think yes they adapted from candy candy manga. Gosh i have watched candy candy anime when i was 5 i think. Its kinda always sad story, sad part > funny part. And i am sure if hyunjoong in this drama, he would play terry/terryus. Terry character=naoki in itazura na kiss, a cool smart quite boy.

I thing this manga plot story, kinda 'old' to be remake to modern drama. But maybe korean vers would remake and retouch it.

Have u watch candy2 anime b4 hun? Or read the manga?

liezle said...

Hi OdeDS! Glad that you've finally enabled your comment option. Thank you.

Candy Candy seems interesting. I think this is better than kimi wa.

Will be looking for more updates from you.


strawberry said...

like what u had said,
wadevr will be, will be~
HJ is a smart intelligent bright boy.

Also finally u opened ur comments box, %__% btw i forgot 2 ask u, did u rmb tt article of JM i showed u the other day? mayb u want 2 post up..??

OdeDS said...

@min hun,
^^I didn't watch the manga at all, didn't read it as well. maybe later I'll try to go and search up on fruit basket (another one) more detailedly, I rememberd searching for it last time to no avail.I dont know the terry you're referring to, kkkk! If he's cool and smart character, then Hyun Joong should be able to bring it off well. next time you should recommend me to more of it^^

@liezle-ssi, dont mention it^^ think next time I'll enable comments more often^o^

you meant which Jungmin thing? I have many things to post up kkkk, see first ^=^ thankyu too~!

mini said...

Hun seems go ara have another project now, and it is film not drama.
And hyun joong keep saying his project is a DRAMA rite? And even saying in the middle of shooting now..
Thruthfully i keep guessing his project is a film, not bcoz ara new project is film (is not related to ara) but bcoz drama official cast usually be announced b4 their shooting rite? >< so why no cast announcement yet? T.T

and heard bout candy candy project is canceled/pending, so HJ's new drama maybe not candycandy