Saturday, February 27, 2010

[Diary+TOK Msg] [English Translation] Kyu Jong: Finally going to start!! Hehe^^ 2010-02-27 AM 3:07:53

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I edited the diary message for abit^^

English translation:

[Kyu Jong] Finally going to start!! Hehe^^ 2010-02-27 AM 3:07:53

Korea Encore Concert finally going to start. He

We have charmingly completed our rehearsal !!!!!!

Now I reach home!!

We are very satisfied with our charming performance that we prepared together ^^ (Ode: We 501 did many amazing preparations)

During encore, I wanted to give a lot of nice gifts for my baby (Ode: Because this is the encore, we want to give many presents for our prettys - nickname for TS, you should know it)... hehe

Specially prepared !!

This is our last stop for Persona Concert !!

Aja (Ode: Assa {fantastic})~~~ hehe

I can't fall asleep now (Ode: I'm going to sleep now, too!!) He

Is there any way to make me fell asleep faster... T (Ode: Can I sleep well being nervous... T)

Once panic then can't fall asleep!! (Ode: Though panicky and nervous)

Must let you see more charming stage!!

Aja~aja~Fighting~!!!! heehee

See you at the concert~~ Good night everybody !!!!!!!!!

Thank you..... ^^ Hee


Original Message:

드디어 스타트!! ㅎㅎ^^ 2010-02-27 오전 3:07:53

드디어 한국에서의 앵콜공연 시작합니다 ㅎ

저희는 멋지게 마무리 리허설을 마치고 !!!!!!!


우리 오공돌이들 멋지게 준비 많이 했어요^^

앵콜이라서 우리 이쁜이들에게 많은 선물 해주고 싶어서 …ㅎㅎ

준비 열심히 했어요!!

다들 우리 이번 페르소나 마지막 공연 즐겨요!!

아싸~~~ ㅎㅎ

나도 지금 잘꺼예요!!ㅎ

떨려서 잘 잘 수 있으려나…ㅜ

긴장도 되고 떨리지만!!

열심히 멋진 무대 보여줄께요!!

아자아자 화이팅!!! 히히

공연장에서 봐요~~ 다들 안녕!!!!!!!!!

고마워요…..^^ 히


Kyujong stopped in TOK room and chatted with TS

Ode will translate this later ^^ - stalking_hj

하루히 @ ss601

Translation by Ode:
-not going yo~~~~ hhhh even if so I will still go now yo T (T T) Though nervous but still can sleep well!! -- 2010/02/27 3:11:33AM
-ha ha ha merong (an expression) -- 2010/02/27 3:14:20AM
-hehe thank you very much^^ h totally anticipating the concert ne~~ -- 2010/02/27 3:15:12AM
-I really have to sleep now... T T hehehe ^^ mum dad go to sleep quickly~~ he annyeong annyeong!! -- 2010/02/27 3:15:46AM
-See all of you prettys (you should know this nickname^^) at the concert venue~~ Waiting~~ -- 2010/02/27 3:15:58AM