Sunday, February 28, 2010

[News] Park Jung Min wore blue eye lenses on press con @ 270210

zoom in, you will see it very obviously.


[27.02] SS501 Park Jung Min wore blue eye contact lenses on press conference

translations: LOVE小馬馬@NO.43Park @ + (eng) OdeDS@501Ode.BS
source: Kukmin Ilbo (National Daily News)

Quintet boy group SS501's member Park Jung Min wore blue colored contact eye lenses on the 27th afternoon of Asia Concert Tour Encore Stand Press Conference held at Seoul Olympic Park, and brought along a jovial smile in attendance.

SS501 began their concert from last year August in Seoul, to Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand. This time round it is the encore concert for Asia Concert Tour to be held at Olympic Park Gymnasium Gymnastic Hall on two consecutive days 27th and 28th, this concert will also be SS501's last stand for Asia Concert Tour.