Sunday, February 21, 2010

[misc] Royal avenue Free Talk - footprints left by royal members

I'm sure by now you should have known that the members all left encouraging messages
on Free Talk board, ne?

Although I know some of the users there have such 'nicknames' too. ^^ searched for it for quite some time, finally,
「박정민대박!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111」 caught my eyes, and TADA!
I left quite a few messages on there too, hixhix~~~

screencaps+translations: OdeDS^o^
sorry the *erasing* (it was a message left by someone else) isn't very well done... (orz)

In addition, Jungmin left a message too... He was the topic starter, anyway...
All of them posted at the same time.........this leads to people thinking if all of them were together..?! Wouldn't be surprised if so.
Some things don't happen very coincidentally... ^p^
(unable to screencap because the programme doesn't work for nuts AOS)

Jung Min ::: Royal Avenue Daebak!!!!!!!!! - 13:38:07, 20-Feb-2010

First posted : 20 February, 3.55PM
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Click to enlarge, you knew it! ^^v