Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sendmall will be at the encore concert venue

Sendmall will be there at the encore concert venue!

On-sale Merchandise

credit: SendMall Korea + SS601

I had said this before ne? Sendmall will be selling items at the encore concert venue on 27th & 28th. For more information, you may want to refer to the following.

PS; sorry I'm unable to do editing by naming the venues for now.


the one boxed with a red speech bubble is the venue
where Sendmall would be located at ---- Han-eol Mall.
It's on the left of the concert venue.
The concert venue is on the right of it.
The bigger circle, as you can see.

items to be on sale on that day.
The black LED shirt seems to be new
I want it!!!

Enjoy the concert is what's most important ^-^

If you'd like to also 'nourish' your korea trip there this time,
I'd recommend you to some site that I know of,
Life in Korea
Korea Tour Guide
Go under 'Shopping', it has the introduction to many
well-known areas in Korea that you may wish to go to.
Includes intros for shopping areas.
I strongly recommend you to go to Myungdong^_^
You can find Basic House/TonyMoly/Etude House
whatever there ^^ the young people will love it there
COEX Mall is also a very good choice to settle for.
^^ alright I'll stop...