Sunday, February 28, 2010

[Persona Seoul Encore] Encore @ 28-02-10 --- On-the-go Update

It's the 2nd day of Encore Persona!
This is for recording and sharing purposes only, nothing else ^^

Time usage: GMT +9 (KST)

28 February's attendance is much better than yesterday (27th), more people than yesterday.

According to what I heard, Kim Bum is there as guest too.
U-KISS is there or not, I'm not so sure.

*EDIT* guests who confirmed went:
Kim Bum/Kim Kibum/Park Jibin/Park Yoochun (DBSG)

Note: *** are newly performed songs for Encore Persona.


01. Intro Music (5:16PM)

02. Deja Vu (5:20PM)

03. Unlock (5:22PM)

04. Introduction+Talk (5:27PM)
-Hyun Joong seemed to be smiling alot^0^

05. Obsess*** (5:31PM)

--changing of clothes now-- (5:35PM)

06. 4 Chance (Tango ver.) (5:37PM)
-alot of screams at the back, as well as chants..."DoubleS Oh-gong-il" ^O^

07. 널 부르는 노래 (A Song calling for you) (5:41PM)
-Hyun Joong sounded very lively~~~~~~ like bouncing up&down ^=^

-fans cheer for Hyungjun's new solo song- (5:46PM)

08. Hyung Jun solo - How Are You (cover of Jung Yup's)*** (5:47PM)
-slow and soothing, love song ^^ suits HyungJun's voice alot
-many cheers for him, Hyung Jun is very 'into' the song hehehehe

09. Hyung Jun solo - New song No.2 (Girls) *** (5:52PM)
-many cheers for him at the back, "Kim Hyung Jun Kim Hyung Jun Kim Hyung Jun x501"
-fast and upbeat song yaaaaaaay "아무것도 아무것도"
-should this be just a rendition/cover or new song included in 5-01-Album?

10. Kyu Jong solo - Never Let You Go (Blues version)*** (5:57PM)

11. Kyu Jong solo - Wuss Up (6:00PM)
-hey lady wuss up! wud-wud-wud wuss up!

12. Again*** (6:03PM)
-yes, same outfit as yesterday, in whitish Beige
-fanchant for each individual after their part
-"Baby please say it again, tell me where you are......Please don't leave.....Please...
I don't even know how to leave and turn away"
-Don't you love this ballad? ^^

13. Confession*** (6:08PM)
-one of Hyun Joong's favourite ballad

14. Talk of 5 (6:12PM)
-Kyu Jong doing the main speaking?
-Kyujong mentioning up next is "Because I'm stupid", side theme of Boys over Flowers

15. 내 머리가 나빠서 (Because I'm Stupid) (6:14PM)
-Have you realized HyunJoong's way of singing B.I.S is very unique... ^-*
-HyunJoong took tulips from a fan...? why tulips? it doesn't signify good in Korea... T_T
And then...? Heard that he threw back the tulips to the standing area, ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-JungMin solo's VTR- (6:18PM)
-I remember that VTR part very clearly, it also draws huge screams
because of the blood at the corner of JM's mouth ^O^

16. Jung Min solo - 나뿐인가요 (6:20PM)
-is there any collaboration with any one from Rainbow later...?

-Jung Min changing clothes + VTR of JungMin in past Persona concerts.
Many cheers for him "Park JungMin Park JungMin Park JungMin" ^^- (6:24PM)

17. Jung Min solo - KISS*** (6:25PM)
-yeah same as yesterday...
-cute dance at the back with Rainbow girls ^P^ kkkkkk so cute~~
-it invited many screams from the audiences^^

-Jung Min speaking (6:29PM)
-RAINBOW appears and intro to 4 sides, as per Sunbae Jungmin-ssi ^0^ (6:29PM)
-Jung Min continues to speak (6:31PM)

18. RAINBOW special appearance - Gossip Girl (6:31PM)
-Rainbow must be dancing aheuheuheu~~~~ shaking their butts
and protruding their actions ^=^

-RAINBOW introduction again, RAINBOW is talkin right now,
they are very thankful to be able to appear at senior's concert (6:35PM)

19. RAINBOW special appearance - "Wanna be Rainbow" (6:35PM)

-UR Man VTR- (6:38PM)

20. UR Man (6:39PM)
"I'm your man, I'm your man, I'm your man~"

-gun tactic, HyunJoong & JungMin appeared- (6:41PM)
-HyunJoong & JungMin appeared- (6:41PM)

21. Talk of 4 (6:43PM)
-HyunJoong speaking that today is the last day of concert,
and his feelings, as well as the others; YS appearing soon (6:45PM)

-VTR of Young Saeng solo- (6:46PM)

22. Young Saeng solo - 'Memories of Us Together' (Seo Taeji)*** (6:50PM)

-YS came out with a 'BANG!'
-same as yesterday's performance item
-totally a bad boy image. so eager to transform into 'bad boy' huh YoungSaeng!

-(video) message to fans from Young Saeng- (6:52PM)

23. Young Saeng solo - Find (rock ver.) (6:53PM)
-why shouldn't it be 501 singing?
because this rock version should be given to the 'bad boy' Heo Young Saeng!
-violinists for tonight's 'Find'? *_* hmm...

VTR of Hyun Joong's solo- (6:58PM)
-the motorbike appeared-

24. Hyun Joong solo - 제발 잘해줘 (Please Be Good to Me) (6:59PM)
-chorus so high, fans singing along ^O^
-will there be jjitjoong today? hmm...we are approaching that soon,
did the outfit 'refuse' to listen to him? ^^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-on motorbike...again... (7:04PM)

-not exactly jjitjoong, so.... jjitjoong-less ^^ (7:04PM)

-HyunJoong's message in English written on the screen (7:05PM)

25. Wasteland*** (7:08PM)

26. 하루만 (Just One Day) (7:12PM)

27. Talk (7:17PM)

28. 세상의 날개 (Wings of the World)*** (7:20PM)
-HyunJoong's favourite song too

29. Talk (7:22PM)
-made a high-5 is it? Winking at everyone, and expressing gratitude^_*
-sentimental time... the mood is sentimental... (7:26PM)
for their support and love........
Because the song "Wings of the World" was actually a reflection of their first days in showbiz...
It reminded them that 5 years have past, their hardships...and our love...
That's right, We love you!!!
Always & Never!!!!!

30. 완두콩 (Green Peas) (7:29PM)
-I love this song to bits,
it's our love for them and their love for us
Now dry those tears and we'll bring our love to a higher level
until Forever.

31. Talk (7:33PM)
-come come, dry up dry up... Hush hush...
Don't cry anymore....
Forever and forever and forever and forever we will be with you all until Forever!!!!

-KyuJong and his big birthday cake, he teared because too touched (7:38PM)

32. Love Like This (7:40PM)
-we'll be strong and love like this.
Even if the skies fall down and the seas dry, we will love you all like this and never-dying.


33. Snow Prince*** (7:46PM)

34. Coward (7:50PM)
-going around to play with fans

35. Bye Bye (7:53PM)
-water fight time!!!!!!!!!!!!! high enthusiasm, very high

36. You're My Heaven (7:56PM)
-Young Saeng did 'jjitsaeng', half-stripped himself,
bad boy wanted to do just once
-KyuJong wore his birthday hat (^^)
-bow cum kneel - best gratitude of utmost sincerity
-HyunJoong wore...mufflers..., Hello Kitty...?!
-it's really highest atmosphere there, to the boiling point,
just like our passion

-"Thank you!" - everyone thanked the audiences + rough salutation (7:57PM)

-going around to express love and gratitude (7:59PM)

-MBC Progamer friends went to the stage. Hyung Jun talked to them...
"how have you been?" (7:59PM)

-laughter fills the air, as well as traces of unwillingness to separate from each's love...-

"Is it cold? Is it fun? Did you enjoy it?" (8:04PM)

---We Will Be Together For Eternally---

ENDED @ 8:05 PM
Thank you for your love to SS501,
we will bring our love until ETERNITY.


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