Monday, February 22, 2010

[fanvid] Kyu Jong 24th birthday happy tribute!

first posted: 19 Feb, 2010
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Kyu Jong 24th birthday tribute - made by china fans

source: (Kyu's)
made: Aiyoyo@kyu's
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The "KyuJong, fighting" voice in the video is the voice of Aiyoyo (maker).^^

The english translations of what each member say of Kyu Jong.

Hyun Joong : Kyu Jong has a pure and clean soul.
YoungSaeng: Kyu Jong is really kind.
Jung Min: Kyu Jong does and says everything with correspondence, just like him.
Hyung Jun: Kyu Jong always silently looks after others.

It's what makes me feel really touched.

Kyu Jong is a WhiteAngel.

Link :::

Youtube version:::
credit: same as the above + (translation) ss501fighting@wordpress + hoonfami@YT

you won't regret watching it because it captures Kyu Jong's best moments.

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