Sunday, February 28, 2010

[News] SS501, "May 1 plans to release album"

[27.02] SS501, "May 1 plans to release album"

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SS501 expressed their plans for release of new album.

Before having their encore concert on 27th at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Gymnasium Hall, SS501 expressed their plans for new album release on the press conference, attracting attention.

Regarding the question about when SS501's new album would be released to meet the audiences, they expressed, "The official second album is in midst of preparation, we discussed with the company (HyunJoong coughs... the video ^^) about this, because of '501', so decided for it to be released on May 1. But to exactly or not it will be an official 2nd album or just a mini album has yet to be finalized, but because of the '501 day' thought, so there would be certainly a new album released on May 1."

On the other hand, SS501 also expressed, "To carry out concerts in the Asia region, we felt alot of the audiences' responses, this is very effective in our grasp of performance (how-to perform on stage aka performance manners) on the stage, as well as the songs and dances. Unknowingly we have already passed a year because we were doing concerts, and also grew by a year older to turn into mid-20s, seemed like we matured even more."

Lastly, SS501 expressed, "In future, in order to further communicate (with fans/audiences) through Asia Tour concerts every year, we want to work hard for that".