Sunday, February 28, 2010

[News] Park Jung Min praises his own complexion.........

Persona Encore Press conference : Park Jung Min praises his own complexion

source: Canadian Singtao Daily Papers

Korean popular boygroup SS501's first asia tour concert has carried out their Encore concert yesternight in Seoul. Before that five of them held a press conference, they expressed that they were very nervous carrying out their first asia tour, even their hands could tremble, but then again very excited about performing, hoping that the audiences could see their transformation with greater maturity. And Park Jung Min who always loved to gag in front of the cameras and steal attention claimed that his complexion is really beautiful, and then even softly caressed his handsome profile, Kim Hyung Jun who was sitting beside him also stretched his hands to give it a test, showing a hilarious and affectionate scene.

From what we know, this encore has a total of 2 stands, they have invited junior girlgroup Rainbow and KARA to be the guest for the 2 nights. SS501 expressed on the press conference that they would be releasing a new album on May 1, soon after finishing the concert they will begin the recording work.