Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome to twitter uri Tom and Jerry ^^

Okay i know you all has known this already rite? Yesterday there was a commotion about uri baby and CEO park real twitter account in twitterdom ^^
I just sleep for 1 hour, and my dearest friend call me and screamed about baby and jungmin twitter account, and begged me to check the originality. LOL me think am I detective or what? Kkkkkk... And yeah i logged in twitter again because of that, and did stalking job LOL.
And after checked the source from this news, seems its really real those are their real twitter account, because there is confirmation from people who works with them now in persona tour, zakkykim and kangdong. You can check their twitter account, baby and jungmin following these person.


Still wait the real confirmation from themselves, I am sure we will get soon the real confirmation from them.

So why you are still here? go stalking them in their twitter account ^________^

PS: I am sure Kyujong will make another one too ^^, but not too sure about leader and young saeng kkk. I bet hyun joong would be the last one who join if he has interest to join.

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