Tuesday, February 23, 2010

[News] CY music Award Ceremony @ 01-March-2010

[23.02] 2009 Cy Music Award Ceremony @ 1-March

Credits : cyworld + Bestiz + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Digital Music Award 2009 with ting

We invite everyone to the fairest music award ceremony that acknowledges artistes with Asia’s best digital music service as a standard.

Olympic Hall at Olympic Park (live broadcast)
2010. 03. 01 / Monday / 17:00

Videos of backstage waiting room will be released through cyworld twitter (http://twitter.com/Cyworld_BGM) . (Sponsor : Twit On Air)

* Among the winners of Cyworld Digital Music Award 2009, SeoNyeoShiDae, Brown Eyed Girls, MC Mong, SS501, Big Bang (besides G-Dragon), 2PM (some members) as well as overseas singers, are engaged with overseas activities and other events, thus will not be able to attend this award ceremony.

DaeSang (3 prizes) – Among TOP 10 winners, to be announced at the event

Artiste of the Year / Song of the Year / Choice of the Year (1318 Generation Best Artiste Award)


Rookie Award – 2NE1 . Seo InGook . Alli

OST Award – SS501

TamEum Mania Award – JangKiHaWa EulGoolDeul,

Best Composer – Jo YoungSoo composed ‘There is no one like that again’ by Lee SeungChul

Cy Best Sale Award – Park HyoShin ‘NoonEh Kkot’

2009 Collaboration – JungIn, (LeeSang duet)

**2009 Cy Music Award Winner**

January – SeoNyeoShiDae (Gee)

February – SS501 (Because I am Stupid)

March – Davinchi (8282)

April – Big Bang & 2NE1 (Lollipop)

May – 2NE1 (Fire)

June – OUTSIDER (Loner)

July – 2NE1 (I don’t care)

August – Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra)

September – G-DRAGON (Heartbreaker)

October – LeeSang (Woman who can’t break up, Man who can’t leave

November – Park Bom (You & I)

December – JoKwon & GaIn (We fell in love)


Yes they will not be attending. =( Fret not, for they have already clutched away the above bolded awards!
But then, if you'd still like to catch the concert live, I think it's possible to catch it online.