Friday, February 26, 2010

[merc] Making of Boys over Flowers DVD (Japan ver.)

Okay yeah, as you should know, there is a Boys over Flowers special making DVD.....

It includes many special stuff ^^ such as selection of best kiss scenes (!?) + the alternative ending (hehehe you may search it up on YT if you wish to should you not have seen it) + F4 Fashion + etc etc! You won't regret buying it, it's more of like an extract from the Mnet Japan BOF coverage!
Quite many goodies in there^^

I'll try to see where else sells it for intl buyers. Most probably YesAsia will have it soon!

Please go here for more information:

A rough screencap here.
Cost: 7980yen
release date: 7 February 2010 (yes already released^^)


DISC 1 (~119 minutes)
-Audition footage, reading of scripts, shooting stadium, shooting of pictorial in studio, New Caledonia, Macau, and others

DISC 2 (~131 minutes)
-Macau, Shinhwa High School, Interior of Junpyo (Doumyoji)'s house, F4's homes, horse riding club, W date's skating area, Ski area, Jeju-do and others

DISC 3 (~110 minutes)
-Kiss scene best selection
-collection of famous scenes of confession
-luxurious 7 changes of F4 - fashion collation
-alternative ending (not used for the drama)