Tuesday, February 23, 2010

[News] Kara And Rainbow To Perform Alongside SS501

[23.02] Kara And Rainbow To Perform Alongside SS501 for Encore concert

credit: AllKpop + StarNews Korea

Looks like Kara and Rainbow will show their support for their DSP Entertainment soobae group SS501! DSPE has revealed that Kara and Rainbow will perform an encore stage with SS501 for the boys’ concert which will be held at Seoul Olympic Park’s gymnastic stadium on February 27th and 28th.

DSP Entertainment stated, “SS501 was sad that they didn’t get a chance to perform with their hoobaes, Kara and Rainbow. So to make the concert more special, we have invited them.”

Kara and Rainbow commented, “We are very honored to be performing with our sunbaes who we always respected. To make the concert much better, we will put on the greatest stage ever.”

Kara will be performing with SS501 on the 27th, while Rainbow will be performing on the 28th.

Aww, it’s great to see some DSPE family love, don’t you agree?


Wowww I nearly died of envy. I long said this, this encore will be spectacularrrr. To others who are not a fan of our dear princes, they don't find this a big deal. But to us who shine for our dear princes 24/7, this means a great deal to us. The success of their concerts mean a great big deal to us.

Yes DSP love would be really nice...^^ What will they be performing then? Kara's latest "Lupin"? Rainbow's "Not your girl"? ^_^ Up with some "UR Man", perhaps. The entire atmosphere would be....daebak!
*I doubt the performance time will be reduced. Should be some co-joint perfs, as according to the norm.

Oh and I forgot to mention something. All of you must know that SoShi (SNSD) are having their encore concert on the same day for 2 nights at the same area, Olympic Area too. If it's their encore too, who would they get? Then, on these 2 nights, the area would be soooooooooo exploded. ^^ Good luck to all who are going, you may meet many familiar or stranger faces^^ Don't get lost there, it's kinda big! ^_*