Saturday, February 27, 2010

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Jung Min leaves a message: Ai-googoogoo~ (2010-02-27 11:48:07 PM)

translations: (chinese reference) LOVE小马马@NO.43Park ( + (korean to english) OdeDS@501ode.BS
source: DSP
If repost to bring along the above^^


our TripleS who came today~!
really thank you so much^^

Tomorrow's last stand of encore~! Must go yo~~!!

Then I'll just go to sleep like this~! (japanese oyasumi means 'goodnight', pronunciation written in Korean, verb form becomes 'to sleep')

sswe-sswe!! (mandarin of 'Thank you') (mandarin 'thank you' pronounced in Korean)

ssi-yoo tu-meo-ro-woo~! (english of 'see you tomorrow') (english 'see you tomorrow' pronounced in Korean)

woo-a-ang (waaa) so sleepy so sleepy (lethargic)~!! ^0^*


Korean original message:

[정민] 아고고고~ (2010-02-27 오후 11:48:07)

오늘 와 준 울 트리플 S~!

넘 고마워요^^

낼 마지막 앙콘~!을 향하여~~!!

전 그럼 이만 오야스미할께요~!


씨유 투머로우~!

우아앙 졸려졸려~!!^0^*