Saturday, February 20, 2010

[Msg][20-02] Jung Min shouts to you, 「Now~!!」

Jung Min leaves a message!

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"Now~!!" (20-February-2010, 12:11:05 AM)

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Now~!! (20-February-2010, 12:11:05 AM)

Royal Ave has already opened~!!

Ahh nervous nervous~!!

Come to play ne~~!!!

There's also activities/events there o~!!♡


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[정민]지금~!! 2010-02-20 오전 12:11:05

로얄에비뉴 오픈했습니당~!!

아 떨려떨려~!!


여러가지 이벤트도 있어요~~!!♡


URL to his shop :
I had been at it since it opened~~~

FYI, if you shop more than 100,000 won you would be given the personally autographed "5 Men 5 Years" DVD. ^^

and FYI 2). Jungmin does the shipping himself okay; he aims to do everything by himself. You just have to transfer the money into his designated bank account will do~~

Hohohoho he's striking it rich~~~~

FYI 3). Oversea fans is available service too^o^ (he said that himself) of course yo, business don't restrict to anything so long as $$$$$
But as to how, I'm still figuring it out since I ain't in Korea right now.

I'm off to play there~!!