Saturday, February 27, 2010

[Info] Kara Gyuri will have duet with SS501 Jungmin in SS501 Encore Persona Concert

Kara Gyuri tweeted, today she will have duet performance with Jungmin on Jungmin's solo 'If you can not' in SS501 Encore concert.
Yeiii for Park Siblings, it would be amazing duet ^^

Hemmm i wonder with who other member will have duet too.. ahhh i keep thinking leader will have Please Be nice to me with Nicole ><

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{Feb 27, 2010}

"After Music Core is over tomorrow, Kara will be on SS501's concert as a guest. I will perform with Park Jung Min on his solo (Originally a duet with Jisun) song "If You Can't" and I just arrived back to my dorm after finishing that rehearsal.. A busy day has come to an end. Have to go sleep. Good night!"


strawberry said...

I knew it! Gyuri 'll definitely sing wif Jung min! I wonder if Jung min brought up tt suggestion himself? wad else wad else 'll b surprise.. lets c.. Will Hara sing w Kyu? or Jiyoung w maknae?
Actually I m also curious, isnt thr a press con for tonight's conc.??

Anonymous said...

thx 4 translating gyuri's tweet
i like that song a lot
cant wait to hear their collaboration xD
excited for tonite's conc!!! time traveler i shall becum!