Friday, February 26, 2010

[Diary][Eng translation] Kyu Jong: ‘Thank you, It’s early morning..^^ hee’ 2010-02-25 4:45:58 AM

The eng translation will be translated by Ode ^^ - stalking_hj

Original Korean Message:::

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[규종] 고마워요 이른아침이네요..^^ㅎ 2010-02-25 오전 4:45:58

24번째 생일 축하해주신 분들께 진심으로 감사드립니다 ㅎ

난 이렇게 많은 축하를 받는데.. 많은분들께 보답해드리지 못하는거 같아 죄송할 따름입니다.

오늘두 어김없이 콘서트 연습을 마치고 ㅎㅎ..^^ 아버지 어머니 내동생은아와함께

맛있는 밥을 먹구.. 티브이를 보았습니다.ㅎ

요즘..벤쿠버에 푹 빠져있거든요..ㅎ

감동과 .. 고마움에 눈물 쏙 빼구 있어요 ~~

어쩜 그리들 멋지고 예쁘신지..

메달을 따건 아니건..다들 너무 멋지고

매순간 감동이예요...ㅎㅎ

그쵸 ? >!!!!와우!

그래서 느꼈습니다!! 우리 오공일 그리고 저도 열심히해서

멋진 감동 선사해드려야겠다구..!!

끝없는 도전과 끝없는 열정...ㅎㅎ 다시한번 배웠어요..^^


늘 미안하구.. 그러네요..

한살 먹은 만큼 더 성숙하고 더 생각깊은 현명한 저 되겠습니다.

너무나 감사드립니다 ^^


아자아자 화이팅!! 감기 완전 조심하기!! 저 ㅜ 감기로 많이 아팠어요 흑흑

ㅎㅎ 공연날봐요~~ 완전 대박으루 우리 오공돌이들 준비하고있거든요


Translated and ready to fry in pan with Teflon:::

[Kyu Jong] Thank you, it's now early morning..^^ h (2010-02-25, 4:45:58AM)

To those who congratulated me for my 24th birthday, a sincere thank you to all of you h (haha/hehe lang. expression)

I received so many congratulatories (plural of 'congratulatory? ㅠㅠ;;) like this, but being unable to repay so many of you, I feel apologetic.

Today, too, without skiving, we practised for the concert hehe.. ^^ Had a scrumptious meal with my father, mother, and my dongsaeng Eunah.. Watched the TV. h (haha/hehe lang. expression)

Recently.. I'm totally into Vancouver.. h
(haha/hehe lang. expression)

Those emotions and..gratitude amongst tears..

They look so great (as in: admiration) and beautiful...

It isn't about achieving the medals.. All of them is so great (as in: admiration)

Every moment is a sensation (emotion)... hh (hehe)

Right? >!!!! wow!

So I felt!! We, 501, as well as myself, will work hard

Have got to present to you the amazing (as in: admiration) sensation..!!

With endless challenge and everlasting passion... hehe I learnt something once again..^^

Thank you..

Sorry to you.. Yes as such..

As I have grown by another year, I will become wiser and more matured with deeper thoughts.

Very grateful (to you) ^^


Aja aja hwaiting!! Be very careful of flu!! I'm.. (T_T) very sick because of flu heukheuk (sound expression for helpless weeping)

hehe see you at the concert~~ In order for it to be a total success, we 501 have been preparing for it (oh~)