Saturday, February 27, 2010

[Persona Seoul Encore] Encore @ 27-02-10 --- On-the-go Update on Earth

It's finally 27 February 2010. Pined for this day so long.
Actually had a few friends who are going to this concert, but I don't know is it because the venue isn't allowed to use cellphone since security is really strict, so I couldn't manage to contact them ㅠㅠ;;;;;
I'll just get updates from on anywhere I see, including on Mars then.
YY live update is also available.

Time usage: GMT +9 (KST)
**Sorry, only updating of time starting from Track 10 is available..**

Seat information: It isn't full for today, but front part of level 1 on both sides as well as in the middle were full, though.

Many fans who were caught video shooting were brought out of the concert hall immediately. Security told them not to shoot but still they did, which explained why so. The security for today was ultra mega strict... Will be same for tomorrow.

Note: *** are newly performed songs in this encore concert.

4 unheard songs were performed for encore
9 songs were newly added and performed
2 songs were re-arranged ('Never Let You Go' & '하면은 안돼')
Almost all different costumes for every item


credit: every corner of the Universe + OdeDS@오공일오디BS


01. 데자뷰 (Deja Vu)

02. Unlock

03. Introduction + Talk

04. Obsess***
-new dance steps revealed, yaaaaahooooooooo

05. 4 Chance (tango as usual?)

06. 널 부르는 노래 (A Song Calling For You)

07. Hyung Jun solo - How Are You (cover of Jung Yup)***
-Hyung Jun wore blue dazzling suit. *blink blink*

08. Hyung Jun solo - New Song No.2 (Girls)***

09. New song No.3***

10. Kyu Jong solo - Never Let You Go (Blues ver.)***(8:04PM)
-Kyu Jong did splendid tonight, really bubbly and 'alive' he seemed to be^^
(surely ne, this is Encore!!)

11. Kyu Jong solo - Wuss Up (8:07PM)

12. Again*** (8:12PM)

13. 서툰 고백 (Confession)*** (8:16PM)

14. 내 머리가 나빠서 (Because I'm Stupid) (8:17 PM)
-different colour (whitish) outfit
-remarked by many that it's really handsome

15. Jung Min solo (with KARA Park Gyuri) - 하면은 안돼 (If You Cannot)*** (8:22 PM)
-JungMin & Gyuri both appear in white.
-Gyuri appears at 8:24 PM

16. Jung Min solo - Kiss*** (8:28 PM)
-Jungmin's rendition, the song he wrote for Rainbow
-there was a cute dance at the back

17. KARA special appearance - 루팡 (Lupin) (8:32 PM)

18. KARA special appearance - Mister (8:36 PM)

19. VTR + U R Man (8:41 PM)
-UR Man - gun tactic - HyunJoong & JungMin appearing (8:43 PM)
-All five singing (8:44 PM)

20. Talk of 4 (besides Young Saeng) (8:45 PM)
-about KARA's appearance together
Hyun Joong is said to be very happy^^

21. Young Saeng solo - New Song No.4***
(Seo Taeji's 'Memories of Us Together') + Talk (8:52 PM)
-dancing street dance
-YS once mentioned this is a song he wanted to write for fans

22. Young Saeng solo - Find (Rock ver.) (8:57 PM)
-actually used a stick to 'navigate' to the rhythm mm..?

23. Hyun Joong solo - 제발 잘해줘 (Please Be Good To Me) - jjitjoong yes
- full version of it this time, it seems
-after performing half of it, Hyun Joong rode on his 'SS501' motorbike (for show only^^)
-then went to park it on the pathway (T-ayle)
-he actually took off his clothes by himself this time^^ 1st step, after removing jacket, he took off side. 2nd step, another side. 3rd step, 'tear'!!! ...chest (just half of it was bared). 4th step, throw jacket (to standing audience)!!!
-then continued riding on bike for 1 short round around stage area

(9:02 PM)
-Performance (9:04 PM)

24. Wasteland*** (!!!!) (Everybody's wish for this song item) (9:12 PM)

25. 하루만 (Just One Day) (9:16 PM)

26. Talk (9:21 PM)

27. 완두콩 (Green Peas) (9:23 PM)
-fandom coalition project, switching off of glowstick, turn on H.P illumination

28. Talk (9:26 PM)
-ending soon... T_T
-Kyu Jong actually did alot of speaking

29. Love Like This (9:31 PM)


30. Snow Prince*** (9:39 PM)
-they walked into the...front port of control room (?)

31. Coward (9:42 PM)

32. Bye Bye (9:46 PM)
-high enthusiasm currently, must be going around to play with people
-Young Saeng is 'teasing' the audience, he gave that 'I Don't Care' expression^o^

33. You're My Heaven (9:49 PM)
-playing with water, totally drenched (hehehe same tactic)
-Young Saeng wearing a golden yellow long hat, the one that's similar to what JungMin wore on BKK Persona
-Hyung Jun wearing a red bear's ear
-Jung Min holding a small blue HORSE (ahkyakyaaaa)
-Kyu Jong held towels given from China fans...

ENDED (9:55 PM)
Although non concert go-ers weren't able to be there,
I still hoped you enjoy your night today,
there's still 28th Encore.
Have a great day ahead!