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[interview] SS501 interview with Thailand's Kom Chad Luek

SS501 interview with Kom Chad Luek, Thailand

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SS501’s Fabulous Concert in Thailand
15 Feb 2010

Kom Chad Luek : Finished with the concert SS501 1st Asia Tour Persona in Bangkok, with 5 guys Kim Hyungjoon, Kim Hyunjoong, Heo Youngsaeng, Park Jungmin and Kim Kyujong. Before that..we had chance to do an interview with them so we would like to present these guys’ non-secret story to all the fans.

@ What do you guys think about Thailand that made you come here for this concert?

HJL : Because we like Thai fans, we feel that Thai people are kind, when we talk to them we feel the warmth and there always are good things, so we come for a concert here.
JM : I myself came here personally many times because I like Thailand very much, so I want to have a concert here.

@ Apart from your singing career, are you guys working on anything else?
HJL : Actually each of our members are all busy with schedules. As for me, after I’m done with Boys over Flower, now I’m filming a new drama (!!!!!) I think you’ll probably be able to watch it soon. For Jungmin, he’s doing some drama and now is a CEO of his Internet shopping mall. Hyungjoon is a Radio DJ and he is now joining the Progamer show. Kyujong is also having a drama while Youngsaeng is more focus on music path.

@ For the past 5 years, what are the impressions in your mind?
YS : Truthfully, lots of things happened in the past 5 years, and I called them all impressions for me.
HJL : Mmmm…I also think like YS since there are so many things happened for remembering. For me especially when I had (a car) accident in Jeju Island, is another unforgettable memory.

@ About you guys’ spec. in girls?
HJL : I like the person whom I can feel at ease staying with. I am a person who drink, so if the girl I see could drink, it would be nice so we can also sit and talk.
KJ : I like an innocent girl who is well-behaved, and not spending too much.
HJB : I don’t like girl who nags a lot…must be someone that I’m comfortable with. Not fuss up with me too much and let me be myself.
JM : I like girl that’s lively, can make me laugh all the time we’re together.
YS : I like well-behaved girl who is really feminine. And also has her cute side.

The concert atmosphere at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani on Saturday 13th February. The fans all are so much enjoyed. SS501 kicked off their show with “Déjà vu” before continuing on singing and dancing for 5-non-stop-songs, and break with some talk in Korean which was special because there was an interpreter who translated their word all along without having to read subtitles. Then Hyungjoon was the first one to show his solo performance in white attire with “Hey G”. Followed by Kyujong who came up and made the fans’ hearts skipped a beat then melt with his dance move from “Wuss up” and “Never let you go”.

The guys sang “Because I’m stupid” which received such biggest screaming cheers from the fans since this song is from the hit series “Boys over flower”. And to the most surprise, when Jungmin sang “Rak Ther” (original sung by Tor Saksith Vejsupaporn) with his good Thai pronunciation, made the fans overwhelmed with the song and sang along with him. Youngsaeng came with “You are my heaven” and superbly with “Find”. While Hyunjoong made the fans all screaming with his sexy preview video, and also the intimate dance with the dancer in “Please be nice to me”.

“Fan Song” was the song that SS501 wrote as present for the fans. And the top-chart hit song “Love lIke This” was also sung in the concert. 2 hours have gone by so fast. SS501 and the dance team ended the moment with “You are my heaven”. The guys came back in comfy tee and water gun, were wet all over. Heard that there would be chocolate throwing , how come we ended up with war of water ? Anyway, this concert finished with the fans’ impress…