Tuesday, February 23, 2010

[Vid] Olive TV "White Book of Life Existence" chinese subbed + english subbed added

Park Jung Min - Olive TV "White Book of Life Existence --- Independency" @ 150210 [chinese+english subbed]

credit: No43 Park (chinese subs) + (uploader) peeress05@YT

Ode's English translation:
JungMin's part only:::
For me, no matter it's with friends or girlfriend, whenever we want to play until late at night, I will think whether to do it that way or not, no matter what I'm already in my mid-20s, hopes to live a life of freedom so will also have such thoughts. What do everyone think? Alright decided! To be independent!! Ahh~ wants alot to be independent!!


ENGLISH subbed ver.:
credit: No43 Park (chinese subs) + kelemama1@ YT (english sub)