Tuesday, February 23, 2010

[fancam] Olive Style Icon Awards 2009.11.11 - fancam

Olive Style Icon Awards 2009 - Kim Hyun Joong awardee @ 11 Nov 2009
-clear fancams from the front and upclose

It is supposed to be on 11 November 2009, instead of 12th.
Also, just wanted to share some fancams that weren't shared before, although it may be a past event. ^^

credit: pullbbang + (made by) 벼벼별☆ + Bianca28house@YT + (fancamer) as tagged on video
Thanks for sharing!
The background music is 'Truly,Madly,Deeply' by Savage garden.^^

Another one,
credit: 알리아 + Bianca28house@YT

Another 3rd one,
credit: 알리아 + Bianca28house@YT

I love these fancams, so upclose.