Monday, February 22, 2010

[fanmade] Cute IM DAVID clip fanmade by ING

ING is a korean video maker. She is one of the best video maker I have known who always diligently made fan video about HyunJoong, yea because she is HyunJoong fans too ^^. If u familiar with her works, she has many popular works like fanmade jihoo story ING series or many other Hyunjoong fanmade like this.

Please repost with full credit only ^^

If you have not checked her works before, i will give some example, you should check it ^^:

ING jihoo story series always makes me cry, because her choice of song, words, and scenes. Simply can make us feel Jihoo's deep feeling. At that time BOF aired, ING and JJ (another popular korean video maker) works was so popular. She has done total 7 episodes of jihoo story fanmade ING version. And their works ING and JJ was used in Goodbye Yoon Jihoo event screen image. So Hyunjoong definitely knew their works ^^

This is one of that popular Jihoo story series.
credit: + koreanaein @YT

This fanmade is made for celebrating Hyun Joong's birthday last year. Officially used by Investigation KHJ as their birthday fanmade project ^^
credit: + khj0606staff @ YT

This is also another fanvideo worth for collection.
credit: ing님@her blog + KoreanAein@YT